Innovation Day


Innovation Day, is an event with a focus on innovation, dedicated to the meeting between manufacturing companies and buyers of the Great Dostribution of DIY and Home Improvement.

The last edition of the event took place in 2019 in collaboration with the brands of the SISTEMA group, the Italian DIY distribution network, with over 200 stores.

The event stands out from the existing formats, which are oriented on the "Meet the Buyer" formula, as it has the specific purpose of focusing on innovation within the "Do It Yourself" sector.

Innovation Day is the first event of this type in Italy, in fact, during the day of meetings, the companies presenting the most innovative ideas will be awarded by a group of 20 buyers.

By innovation we mean both products in which the value of innovation is a distinctive element, but also those companies that will present new ideas about exhibition concepts or news in the distribution field (eg new ranges of products developed specifically for the GDS Brico).


Organization of the Event


The selected companies will be able to present their innovative products and concepts in detail using paper and / or digital promotional material: brochures and catalogs, videos, presentations, images. Based on the types of products and concepts presented, it will be possible to show samples (e.g. in the case of small products).

Inside the meeting room where Innovation Day takes place, there will be several workstations where buyers will receive potential suppliers; each station will be equipped with monitors on which product presentations can be shown.

Suppliers can use presentations in ppt, pdf, images and videos; only 2 people per company can participate and the time available for presentation will be 20 minutes.