Business Development



includes several services developed for ensure companies real growth opportunities.

MADE4DIY helps associated companies putting them in contact with the European Organizations, providing business advices, organizing specific meetings and acting as a unique source of information for Italian companies who wish to create a network and develop their business internationally. For many Italian producers dealing with foreign markets is becoming increasingly complex, MADE4DIY is a tool that allows its members to put together all the information needed to be successful in the European and international markets.

As a member of HIMA (Home Improvement Manufacturers Association) and EDRA (European DIY - Retail Association) MADE4DIY provides companies a closer involvement in the European markets and the possibility to have access to several key contacts in Europe.


Benefits for Member Companies:

  • Close involvement and relationship with the Organizations HIMA, EDRA and Presidents Council (American ‚ÄčOrganization that includes the major Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors of the DIY).


  • Collaboration with companies that provide specialized and quality services, at favorable conditions for the associates (innovation and design support, technical education, design, products certification for foreign countries, laboratory testing, counseling and legal support, transportation and logistics, web and communications services, energy).


  • Active involvement and access with privileged conditions to the major events and trade shows.


  • BUYING DAYS, events that give companies the opportunity to meet and talk directly with the buyers of the major brands of the large European and international distribution; the companies associated with MADE4DIY will benefit of preferential conditions and will have the opportunity to present their products with the possibility to open up new business opportunities at international level.


  • Promotion of member companies on the web and on specialized magazines.‚Äč