Girasole Porfidi S.r.l.
address Via Cesarini, 30
town 38121 - Martignano (TN)
vat 01310630221
telephone +39 0461 849289
fax +39 0461 849289
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Since 2009 the Girasole Porfidi company, without leaving traditions, has focused its attention on the
study and the development of new manufacturing techniques in working porphyry coming from its
own quarries in Trentino. Girasole Porfidi has set as a target the idea of making easier and faster the
employment of its products.
For this reason it has designed and patented a new range of realizations that answers to the name
The peculiarity, that makes the PORFITE© range unique, lies in its simplicity and rapidity in
placement, thanks to the simple use of glue instead of the previous complex mix of sand and
All this has been possible thanks to our innovative patent that allows us to calibrate our stone.
The employment simplicity enlarges significantly the number of possible users of PORFITE©,
tempting also the “do-it-yourself” lovers to its approach.