Art Plast S.p.A.
address Galleria Buenos Aires, 13
town 20124 - Milano
vat 01354550186
telephone +39 0384 52341
fax +39 0384 52061
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Founded in 1981 by Dino Baraggioli, Art Plast produces plastic items: cabinets, shoe racks, trunks, multi-purpose containers and recycling, containers and tool boxes, panels and shelves, tiles and vases, are a part of the wide assortment consisting of well over 1,300 references.

The Art Plast products are aimed at a very broad target, by those who occasionally engages in the work of do-it-yourself, professionals in every industry.

Art Plast aims to improve and simplify people's lives, organizing spaces, offering simple products of great utility with a great value for money and that will bring real benefits and satisfaction to the final customer in the professional and private sphere.
Always very careful to the problem of environmental impact, the company's policy is strongly focused on "sustainable development", which consists of an economic and social growth of the current generation without compromising the future of coming generations, maintaining a substantial balance between ecology, economy and equity.