address Via Europa, 11
town 43022 - Basilicagoiano (PR)
vat IT01798570345
telephone +39 0521 687125
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Since 1954, Ferrari Group produces and markets a wide range of DIY products through large-scale distribution and specialized shops. With more than 3.000 references, our catalog is constantly being enriched to meet customer demands in a constantly evolving market. Here are our product lines:
  • WINEMAKING: accessories for the care, storage, processing and bottling of wine, characterized by various international patents.
  • HOMEBREWING: the equipment needed for home brewing of beer, including special kits designed to satisfy even the most demanding consumers, combined with a vast selection of malts exclusively imported by the best international malt-houses.
  • GARDENING: complete lines for surface, drop and in-ground irrigation, as well as cutting and work tools.
  • ARCO LINE: multi-purpose sprayers for treatments, plant disinfestations or sanitization and hot or cold water pressure washers, professional submersible pumps.