Vannucci Piante
address Via Moreno Vannucci (giĆ  Via della Dogaia)
town 51039 - Quarrata (PT)
vat 01258370475
telephone +39 057379701
fax +39 0573735975
Since 1938, the Vannucci family has been producing ornamental plants. The company is located in Pistoia, cradle of the Italian and European nursery sector. Ideal pedoclimatic conditions and eco-friendly growing mediums contribute to make a superb, high quality product. For eighty years, our growers and experts have been devoting great attention to every phase of plant growth, while respecting human beings and the environment. Tradition and innovation meet to ensure the “health” and “beauty” that have always distinguished Vannucci plants in Italy and worldwide.   We are always updating our product range because we like offering our customers something new, or because our customers come to us with new ideas or demands. You need considerable experience before you can introduce any new variety, and this is why we aim to select the most interesting new products from a botanical viewpoint; the most versatile forms that are the best match for the commercial and landscaping demands of the moment. 535 hectares of cultivated nurseries: this number speaks clearly of the work we do, day after day; it helps to describe our commitment, our plans, and our faith in the future ahead. In addition to the 3000 m2 covered show-room and our nursery park with large specimens, we also have a new 5-hectare open air show-room including every variety, size and shape in our range, so now it really is possible to see our entire collection in a single day.