address Via Ruggero Leoncavallo 57
town 20832 - Desio (MB)
vat 02796720965
telephone 0392874512
fax 03621830020
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Polimark is a unique company in Europe as it combines the flexibility, service, customer-oriented approach, expertise and made-to-measure display solutions typical of distribution companies, with the competitiveness and high production capacity of industrial company. Etablished in 1998 as a distribution company specialised in the DIY market, a change in the top management in 2006 gave new impetus to the company’s development. Polimark produces and distributes about 550 products in more than 1200 stores all over Europe belonging to some of the most important Italian and international DIY chains.

This mix of trade and industry makes Polimark the perfect partner for specialised distributors because the average lead time for orders is just 48 hours, meaning they can benefit from manufacturer’s prices without having to increase stock level in their warehouse.

Polimark realizes the entire project internally throughout amazing exhibit solutions, in order to attract the customer, to facilitate and entice the purchasing process thereby increasing the product rotation.

Nowadays is expanding its Covering System range with new products, including shelters and patios.

Polimark aims to meet its customers needs, proposing new sizes of materials and products.

In addition to a Circular Economy approach, Polimark uses 100% renewable energy and all its products are recyclable. This has allowed Polimark to get several certifications, including ISO 14001.

Polimark has been in charge of the sale and production of plastic sheets material for several years. The experience gained in these years has allowed Polimark to acquire the knowledge to produce the POLIVER sheets in polystyrene crystal.

Polimark offers various and versatile solutions for external spaces coverage. The products belonging to Covering System range face the different customer needs, repairing both from atmospheric agents and the sun.

The continuous development and research for new products and innovative materials have led Polimark to create a new division named Living. A collection of new, alternative and at times revolutionary products manufactured with special finishes or unique materials, products remaining within the magical world of plastics but always with an element of surprise thanks to the variety of functions.