Rockolors S.r.l.
address Via Enrico Fermi 30
town 61043 - Cagli (PU)
vat 02571360417
telephone 0721 781426
fax 0721 787529
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  The brand results from the experience of a consolidated reality in the inland of Marche and Umbria Regions: the Gruppo Casavecchia, which has been operating for over 50 years in stone extraction, production and sale of building materials, construction and urbanization works. The group was born as a family business at the turn of the 60s and is managed by the Casavecchia family, now in its third generation. Over the years, it has been constantly evolving in terms of supply and quality, achieving significant recognition. This hands-on experience and the deep attachment with its origins, led the company to invest in the evolution of the product, seeking the right solutions to adapt to new market needs. From an innovative idea, and thanks to the collaboration with the best European chemists, a tinting system was put into operation within a few years to color natural gravels and pebbles indelibly, obtaining a durable product with incomparable aesthetic result. In May 2017, Rockolors was launched on the market as an exclusive brand of certified colored stones, the first in its kind worldwide for chromatic choice and versatility of use: a wide range of colored aggregates, gravels and pebbles, boasting prestigious international certifications for outdoor and indoor applications. Rockolors colored stones are extremely versatile and suitable for unlimited decor solutions, thanks to the different laying techniques that can be applied. Loose colored pebbles for garden and urban design, resin-bound or washed gravel for external floors and wall coverings, colored stone mosaics for open-air masterpieces or interior design, architectural gabions … Just to mention some of the processes and end uses proposed by the Brand. The collection includes gravels and pebbles of different sizes, in two distinct assortments based on the type of color: ROCKOLORS ORIGINAL is the exclusive collection of colored aggregates that gave rise to the brand, offering a customized chromatic choice based on the RAL color range. ROCKOLORS NATURAL is a wide assortment of natural-colored gravels and pebbles, deriving from the finest quarries in the world.