FILA Industria Chimica S.p.A.
address Via G. Garibaldi, 58,
town 35018 - San Martino di Lupari (PD)
vat 00229240288
telephone +39 049 946 7300
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We’ve been caring for the beauty of surfaces since we can remember; it’s who we are. That’s why we are unwavering in our commitment to using innovative methods and products to maintain surfaces over time because we firmly believe that surface care directly contributes to the wellness of spaces and the people who inhabit them. FILA, Fabbrica Italiana Lucidi ed Affini, was founded in 1943 by twins Guido and Pietro Pettenon with a clear vision in mind:
to produce shoe polish, household waxes and cleaners. As WWII raged, Europe’s desire
for change and growth provided the fertile ground the company needed to become Italy’s benchmark in the production of high-quality shoe polish. FILA products were even chosen by the Italian army.
The seventies marked a turning point for FILA due to the intuition of Beniamino, our current president, and the support from his sister Adriana: the company took the leap from household cleaning products to professional products for surface protection. FILA’s tradition in research started with terracotta, leading the way to the research of all materials for floor and wall coverings. During this decade, FILA also released its first advertising campaign
in collaboration with Sannini terracotta floor manufacturers.
Today FILA has achieved international excellence in the protection and care of all surfaces. Today FILA represents a family-owned company with a managerial structure; a large international group with big values. Every day, we set out to find the best answer to the needs of every client, striving to deliver the best solutions while staying ahead of market evolutions.